ARMA Instruments

Trust no one.

The ARMA G1 Secure Communicator is a closed mobile system for person to person messaging with superior security and the new global standard.

The mission: Provide absolute communications and data- security based on zero-trust principles. Be transparent in organization and technology. Stay politically neutral.

Why ARMA G1?

Secure messenger applications offer hardly any additional security when hosted on a smartphone. Smartphone technology is complex and at the same time open in nature creating an enormous surface for possible attacks. Passwords and messages can be read befóre encryption by a secure messenger even takes place.
True communications security requires secure software, purpose built hardware and zero-trust design principles.
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Unique properties

  • Proprietary technology
    The entire ARMA G1 communications platform is designed and manufactured by ARMA Instruments, including the communications software, Linux based ARMA operating system and the electronics board.

  • Minimized attack surface
    The ARMA G1 system is tailor-made for secure messaging. It has the smallest possible codebase, with no 3rd party applications, microphone, connectors, NFC, WIFI, Bluetooth or GPS. It connects to the cellular network only.

  • Serverless
    End to end encrypted data is sent directly to its intended recipient through TOR, a public network, that anonymously routes user data through several random and encrypted relay servers across the globe. Messaging servers are not used at all. This leaves no infrastructure or persistent data to attack.

  • Dynamic Identity
    ARMA’s patented Dynamic Identity feature prevents you from becoming a target by regularly interchanging the International Mobile Subscriber Identifier (IMSI) number, with at the heart of it ARMA’s virtual SIM that replaces a conventional physical SIM card.


  • Developed for absolute security
    Our secure communications technology is designed to provide the highest safety achievable in secure communications.

  • No infrastructure needed
    The ARMA G1 communications system relies on Tor network, which is public infrastructure. Therefore, the purchase and maintenance of infrastructure is not needed.

  • Seamless integration
    Setting up a closed secure communications network based on the ARMA G1 requires no significant actions. Users activate the device in minutes and can easily add contacts by sharing short lived codes. ARMA can provide its clients with additional custom services.

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