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Neutrality, transparency and unmatched security in communications technology

ARMA G1 Secure Communicator

“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence”

Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Article 12
Proclaimed in 1948 by the United Nations

ARMA Instruments AG, an acronym for Advanced Relay Mission Applications, was founded in 2018 in Baar, Switzerland. 

Our mission is to protect our clients’ communications and privacy through the continued development and improvement of avant-garde secure communications technology. Our development and manufacturing process is based on the Zero Trust principle, meaning exactly what it says - nothing can be trusted. Therefor ARMA Instruments manufactures and designs its own technology. We stand for political neutrality and full transparency, which we provide throughout the whole organization, from road to code.

No compromises for your confidential communications - ARMA designed the total opposite of a smartphone, the ARMA G1.

By design, the G1 facilitates message communications only. We designed a closed system for person-to-person and group messaging, leading to a minimal attack surface and superior security. ARMA G1 operates globally on above TOP SECRET level security, using the public cellular network, without owning any server infrastructure. ARMA developed the entire system from the ground up, from the message application and the ARMA Linux operating system to the entire electronics board. 

Certification specific to our vertical markets is evident. In addition, to uphold our companies’ neutrality and transparency, we will involve the actual stakeholders in monitoring the health of our secure communications system, our major clients. 

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