ARMA Instruments AG, an acronym to Advanced Relay Mission Applications was founded early 2017 in Baar, Switzerland.

Switzerland, being the most functional democracy on the globe through its system of referenda and its civil army has literary distributed its military power amongst the people. Switzerland has a long and strong history of neutrality and a strong data protection legislation.

Its Intelligence Service of the Federation or FIS is under strict governance of the people and as such not part of the Five Eyes, Seven Eyes or Fourteen Eyes Intelligence Alliances.

Our board is represented by international entrepreneurs, ethical hackers, cyber security experts and privacy activists and span a variety of nations including Switzerland, Ukraine, United States, Russia and The Netherlands.

Shares are privately held and we have no affiliations, agreements or obligations to any national government, related entities or any politically engaged organisation, securing our neutrality and integrity.

We operate a transparency center that invites all our customers to come and investigate our source code. We are open to third party auditing. 

ARMA Instruments’ mission is to protect our users to the best of ability technology has to offer and to relentlessly monitor and improve on those technologies.

Our general security philosophy is based on zero trust and therefor each step from design to hard- en software development to manufacturing is done within a fully controlled ARMA ecosystem. If third party components are used they are typically distrusted, isolated and communicate with other onboard modules in a controlled manner and on a need to know basis.

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