Paris Conference hosted by Internet Society France

Privacy and data protection, both fundamental rights enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, may also be construed as tools enhancing the resilience of democratic social values, such as freedom of expression or freedom from unlawful discrimination.

On July 2018, ARMA Instruments was asked to participate in the industry panel at Internet Society France, in Paris. In identifying the technical short comings in privacy, present academics and mobile industry representatives agreed on the following mayor short comings for both off the shelve as well as the industry’s most secure devices:

  • Network identity: Whatever you do on the hardware or software level, regardless of encryption, every device ultimately has a unique set of identifiers linked to a physical person. Even if the user is anonymous at first, adversary tools like Co-traveller will correlate devices that have a known subscriber such as other mobile devices, connected cars and IOT devices, revealing the individual’s true identity. This makes any one on the globe easy to find and target.
  • Server infrastructure: In current solutions, servers that route data and communications are company owned. All communication data is locally stored and vulnerable to any type of security breach or malicious attack over the network or physical.