Press Release: ARMA Instruments Launch Zero Trust G1 Mark II Secure Messaging Communication Device

Launch in Kyiv and Silicon Valley with cyber security consultancy Midnight Blue and author and cyberterrorism expert Winn Schwartau underscore the need for communication technology capable of dealing with current cyber terrorism and cyber warfare threats

Kyiv, Ukraine (3 October 2023) – The Russian invasion of Ukraine has ignited an arms race in the theater of cyber warfare. Zero trust is the operative term for military, defense sectors, and governments across the globe. U.S. intelligence agencies and international partners recently published a report warning of the new Russian malware program Sandworm, likely targeting Ukrainian interests in its ongoing war, and U.S. defense agencies set a deadline of 2027 for implementation of zero trust cybersecurity environments [FedTech, August 2023].

In this environment of advanced global threats, Switzerland-based ARMA Instruments AG announces the launch of their ARMA G1 Mark II Secure Messaging Device in Kyiv this month. Developed with zero trust principles, the device is a closed mobile system for person-to-person messaging at the highest security levels to counter advanced adversary attacks.

“ARMA was created in response to the lack of security products capable of dealing with advanced adversaries, such as hostile nation-state actors” says Pim Donkers, founder and CEO of ARMA Instruments AG. “The G1 device was inspired by Article 12 of the U.N.’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that no one shall be subject to interference with privacy or correspondence, especially in conflict zones where humanitarian situations are compromised.”

Donkers and CTO Andrey Loginov will unveil the G1 device at the Kyiv event with presentations by Netherlands-based cyber security consultancy Midnight Blue detailing TETRA:BURST, their recent exposure of the TETRA standard vulnerabilities, and U.S.-based author and cyberterrorism expert Winn Schwartau, at both events.

The G1 uses cellular networks, has no microphone or third-party applications, and does not use WIFI, NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, or connectors. It charges wirelessly and has an anti-tampering mechanism capable of destroying all secrets on the device to protect sensitive information.

Using end-to-end encryption and Tor, a public ‘onion routing’ network, data is anonymously routed through random encrypted relay servers across the globe, making sure that there are no data breaches or infrastructure to attack. ARMA’s patented Dynamic Identity as part of ARMA’s proprietary virtual SIM, prevents users from becoming a target of cyber-attacks or anti-personnel attacks.

“Anti-personnel attacks that use a targeted individual’s smartphone as a means of a homing device for, let’s say, a drone rigged with explosives, are the future attacks of tomorrow,” Donkers continues, “Dynamic Identity is the only solution out there that protects our clients against such attacks to date.”

The ARMA G1 device will benefit communications security for NGOs, defense agencies, cybersecurity operations, financial organizations, embassies, and global corporations.

For media interested in attending, please email cerff@neznvafgehzragf.pbz. For more information on the Kyiv and 24 October Silicon Valley event visit:

ARMA Instruments is a secure communication systems technology provider and creator of the world’s first secure communications messaging device, the ARMA G1. Based in Baar, Switzerland, and founded in 2017 by CEO Pim Donkers, ARMA is based on zero-trust principles, and stays politically neutral. The ARMA G1 is powered by their patented Dynamic Identity solution and is a closed mobile system. ARMA is an acronym for Advanced Relay Mission Applications in response to products technologically incapable of dealing with current cybersecurity and cyber terrorism threats, advanced adversaries, and nation-state actors. For more information visit

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