Launching the future of Secure Communication: ARMA G1 Mark II 

In a world where data security and privacy are paramount, you should trust no one. After extensive testing of our G1 Mark 1 in the last two years. We are proud to unveil the news that we are launching the ARMA G1 Mark II Secure Communicator this October. To share the new features and design, we invite you to join us for not one but two exclusive launch events in Kyiv and Silicon Valley.  

Kyiv Launch Event 

Date: October x, contact us for the date
Location: Kyiv, exact location will be sent two hours prior to the start  
Time: 4pm-6pm 

Our journey begins in Kyiv, a place where secure communication is most needed. Here, amid a backdrop of rich culture and technological advancement, we will unveil the ARMA G1 Mark II Secure Communicator for the very first time. 

At the Kyiv launch event, you can expect: 

  • In-Depth Product Introduction: Learn about the ARMA G1 Mark II’s features, designed to set a new standard for secure communication. 
  • Expert Insights: Engage in interesting discussions with industry experts who will delve into the importance of secure communication in today’s digital landscape. 
  • Online presentation by Midnight Blue, reveals TETRA:BURST zero-day vulnerabilities, exposing TETRA radio communications 
  • Seize the opportunity to place orders 

Silicon Valley Launch Event 

Date: October 24th 
Location: Silicon Valley 
Time: 1pm-4pm 

A Technological Epicenter 

Silicon Valley, the global epicenter of technology and innovation, is our next destination. Here, we’ll showcase how the ARMA G1 Mark II seamlessly integrates with cutting-edge technology. 

What to Expect 

  • Deep Dive into Technology: Explore the ARMA G1 Mark II’s integration with advanced tech, demonstrating its potential in the world of secure communication. 
  • Industry Insights: Gain valuable insights from keynote speeches delivered by industry leaders who are shaping the future of secure communication. 
  • G1 Mark II: Experience the device firsthand through interactive sessions that highlight its capabilities. 
  • Presentation and Q&A by Midnight Blue, reveals TETRA:BURST zero-day vulnerabilities, exposing TETRA radio communications 

About the ARMA G1 Mark II Secure Communicator 

The ARMA G1 Mark II Secure Communicator is not just another communication device; The ARMA G1 is a closed mobile system for person to person messaging with superior security and the new global standard. Crafted entirely by ARMA Instruments, this device is designed to provide top-tier security and privacy for your communications. 

What sets the ARMA G1 Mark II apart is its robust security architecture: 

  • Proprietary technology 
    The entire ARMA G1 communications platform is designed and manufactured by ARMA Instruments, including the communications software, Linux based ARMA operating system and the electronics board. 
  • Minimized attack surface  
    The ARMA G1 system is tailor-made for secure messaging. It has the smallest possible codebase, with no 3rd party applications, microphone, connectors, NFC, WIFI, Bluetooth or GPS. It connects to the cellular network only. 
  • Serverless  
    End to end encrypted data is sent directly to its intended recipient through TOR, a public network, that anonymously routes user data through several random and encrypted relay servers across the globe. Messaging servers are not used at all. This leaves no infrastructure or persistent data to attack. 
  • Dynamic Identity  
    ARMA’s patented Dynamic Identity feature prevents you from becoming a target by regularly interchanging the International Mobile Subscriber Identifier (IMSI) number, with at the heart of it ARMA’s virtual SIM that replaces a conventional physical SIM card. 

    More specifications can be find here

Secure your spot at these exclusive launch events and witness the future of secure communication unfold before your eyes. Register now! 

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